A seed, once in a poorly draining pot

Ready to sprout but feeling the rot

Now, rooted in the most fertile valley

I have my sunlight and what i need i carry

It’s funny, the things you miss when

You up roots and fly far away

Soon i return to what once was

My longtime home, my ill fitting pots

A long time to be spent, but not long enough

For some of the things i miss

Others i do not

Another home from home, give me them snores

That chilling loneliness i felt, burn it with coals

I look forward to my old pots

And to coming back to my valley afterwards, lots


Valentines day is a funny one

One day a year to say I love you

Look how much I love you

Look how much I am loved

Really, just tell them already

Not just because it’s trendy

I wish I knew how

to ease your pain

To stop the rain and

I wish now

To hold you close

And shelter you from the storm

Or pain in form

I would fight the villains and the beasts

To see the sun rise in the east

With you by my side

Not cradling your head

Protection from the light

I would fight them anyway

It must be said

I would see you fed

And at bedtime, read

Your skin, red

I wish i could protect you